"In life, we all need a good pair of shoulder pads".

My name is Alex and my goal is to bring you that unique piece, that forgotten know-how, that childhood memory that will put a smile on your face, empower you or simply show you how much you matter.

Knowing that I am addicted to vintage-hunting and Vintage, I had to share my passion and finds with you.

And then there is also this desire to participate as much as possible and with all my different abilities (sourcing, restoring, up-cycling, etc.) in the change we need in society but mainly in fashion, providing items that will last you years or decades and not just a few washes. I want to highlight pieces that are timeless and well made. To see a silk shirt or a wool cardigan wasted is something I appall. I want to give these items a second life, to see them on the shoulders of a beautiful person and to make that person feel fantastic.

I'm supported by my mum, Fatima, who helps me with all the heavy sewing alterations. Thanks to her many years of experience, it's a real plus to have her by my side. Together, we sometimes decide to transform pieces that are too damaged to be repaired or to change broken or mismatched buttons.

Thank you for trusting Mes épaulettes. Please know that when you shop with me, you're supporting a creative and ambitious young woman. But above all YOU ARE SUPPORTING A DREAM.

Should you have questions, please contact me and I'll assist you as best I can.